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Sarolta Bán27000pJoined 2009
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Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
For me Sarolta Ban is the most fabulous artist in creative abstract photography than i know!
all of her creation is poetic crazy history ! i'm totally fan of her work and i want to buy her a lot of his piece of art ! the only problem is than i can't choose!!! i really love the artist and all of her work!!! really hard to choose one more than other!!! Sarolta Ban is an INCREDIBLE ARTIST and i love her !
Manu Allicot
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
Sarolta Bàn was a great inspiration when I started with the digital world. Her mysterious magical world that she creates with photo manipulation. After that, I have always been a fan of her work. Sarolta Bàn is an amazing artist !!!!

Johan Lilja