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Antonio DiazSpain8000pJoined 2009
I got my start in photography a little more than three years ago. I did not have any previous knowledge and no experience. My first frustrating steps were hesitant until I discovered that photography is an art not very much removed from painting. I was always fond of painting of which I am self-taught. I noticed that photography like painting is no more than a means of expression based on the transmission of sensations through light, color, and forms. I only had to adapt my knowledge of painting to photography. When doing still life I give loose rein to my creativity. It is an area that allows a very free expression. In it I try to shape my photographs to the soul of works of artists like Zurbaran, Murillo, Velazquez, and Herrera. These were painters who developed their artistic activity during the 16th and 17th centuries in Seville, Spain. My dedication to macro photography on the other hand is for learning the discipline, the dedication, the patience, and the complexity of pure photography. My intention is that you observe the daily objects from my vision and feel the sensations that they provoke from another point of view. It´s possible to find beauty in almost anything. Thanks.