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Andriy KovachUkraine27183pJoined 2013

  I am not professional photographer and do it as a hobby. This hobby took advantage of my good nature around 5 years ago in a form of a mere compact camera. I was innocent and let this passion develop. So now it became something more than a hobby. It takes a big deal of my free time. Thanks to my main occupation and family which gives every support I am able to allocate to this passion lengthy periods of time. I am a sailor and when I have a vacation, it can be up to 6 months, I devote a lot of time to photography besides my family.

  My friends had big influence on my work. I am a member of Photographic Union “GOROD” in my native city. Every Saturday we gather up to document in photographs different corners of our dear city – Odessa. ‘Odessa-Mama’ as we say. During such strolls other members, both professionals and amateurs, shared their experience and skills with me so I could choose my own path. There are a number of photographic sites that also had an impact on my development, such as: or I don’t consider them as ultimate judge, but it is good guidance, especially in the beginning when you don’t know where to go and what to do. I want also to express my gratitude to Natalia Ciobanu and Dmitry Ageev for giving inspiration at certain points of my photographic development.

 Some of my tutorials you can find here: