Wonderland is much closer than you think

by Yvette Depaepe


“Duet” by jimmy hoffman

Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye.  It gives us a glimpse into the world of the very small.

Pros can enjoy taking macro shots of leaves, flowers, and sluggish insects. Nature lovers can spend hours outside, searching for hidden treasures among flowers and leaves. Plus, in non-photogenic locations, like many people’s backyards, macro photography makes it possible to take great images of nature without traveling at all.

If attracted by macro photography as a beginner, it doesn't necessary mean that you require any expensive equipment  or an optically superb lens dedicated to macro shooting to start.

You could begin by slipping a diopter lens to the front of the existing standard lens … this would impart a degree of magnification; you could also install extension tubes between your normal lens and the camera body; you could also acquire a set of macro bellows and place them between lens and body.

In truth, you can make digital macro photography as basic or as complex as you wish it to be.

In this gallery you will find some truly revealing and inspiring macro photographs by 1x artists which are sure to have you marveling at the world around you.


“Dew Bells” by Jacky Parker


“Perrier c'est fou” by Fabien Bravin


“Togetherness” by Erwin Astro


“My vehicle lizard” by Made Saputra


“perch” by nordin seruyan


“Break Dance” by robert fly


“Team Work” by Andyan Lutfi


“Attraction” by Vincentius Ferdinand


“Emergence” by jimmy hoffman


“Ladybird almost flying away” by Ellen van Deelen


“Blue Moon Legends” by Fabien Bravin


“Ohh Noo :( It's Raining” by Kutub Uddin


“Are you gonna dance with me ?” by Hasan Baglar


“waterdance” by Ursula Abresch


“Snails” by Ellen van Deelen


“Robberfly portrait” by Javier Torrent


“Tango Argentino” by holger droste


“I am back to you” by Erwin Astro


“Standing toward the light...” by Thierry Dufour


“Colors in the drop” by Aida Ianeva


“a n e m o n e” by Mandy Disher


“Untitled” by simona forte


“Feeding” by Jimmy Hoffman


“Afternoon Affair” by Erwin Astro


“Hunt” by mustafa öztürk


“Microworld” by Stefano Moschini


“FOUR OF A KIND” by Savas Sener


“The road to the green zone...” by Thierry Dufour


“Tainted Love” by Fabien Bravin


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