Winners of Panorama and Autumn themes

The widely excellent winners of weekly theme Panorama have not been forgotten. Max Rive, Javier de la Torre and Luis Bonito! We also want to give our warmest red, orange and yellow congratulations to the talented winners of weekly theme Autumn, which recieved over 1000 entries, Aida Ianeva, Kikroune and Silvia Simonato!

It's now only one week left to participate in 1x Photo Awards 2013. We have recieved fewer entries than last year so the chances of winning are greater than ever! The total prize value is over $9000 and particiapting is a way to support our community! Don't miss out!

1st place Panorama, "First Contact" by Max Rive.

2nd place Panorama, "The Dark Side" by Javier de la Torre.

3rd place Panorama, "Lembeck Castle" by Louis Bonito.

1st place Autumn, "Autumn Colors" by Aida Ianeva.

2nd place Autumn, "Autumn on the Road" by Kikroune.

3rd place Autumn, "Detalle de Otoño" by Silvia Simonato.

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