Wil Mijer: Photographer of the week


by Yvette Depaepe 

Wil Mijer loves to photograph everything small.  Through her macro photography she tries to make a little dream of every picture she takes.  For her, sharing her creations is sharing the small world around us. Let's take a little journey into Wil's wonderful world...


'Little secret'

Hi Will, please briefly tell us some more about yourself.
I'm living in Zeewolde in the Netherlands. Zeewolde is built on a drained part of our country, under the sea level. You nearly can say that I’m living on the bottom of the sea.:)

What brought you to photography?
I followed a study as Botanic analyst. It was then that my love for all small things began.  It is so amazing to see that every creature is made up from small cells.

I became fascinated by all living SMALL creatures as wild flowers, insects –  especially butterflies –  and everything small to do find in nature.

'Nothing else matters...'




'Creation of new life'



Twelve years ago, I started to take pictures.  My first camera was a Panasonic Lumix. My enthusiasm for macrophotography was awakened and didn't stop till today.

After a short time, I bought a Canon 40D and Canon 100mm macro.

Since than, what started as a hobby became my biggest passion.




What gear do you use?
At this moment I work with a Canon 6D and I love to use the Tamron SP 90mm macro lens.  This lens is just perfect for me because it’s water and dirt repellent. Sometimes I work with a Manfrotto tripod, but most of time I lie in the mud or wet grass ;-)

Can you tell us something about your workflow and the post-processing of your images?
When I come home after taking pictures in nature, I love to make a little fairy tale of each one.

I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, Plug-in filters like NIK and Alienskin.

'Perfect dream'


'One thread'



Who is your favourite photographer which inspired you the most?
The work of Polish Photographer Magdalena Wasiczek inspired me a lot, especially in the beginning. I admire her for her exceptional use of colours and for her special processing techniques.  Follow this link https://www.magdawasiczek.pl/collection to see by yourself.

Do you have some projects in mind for the future, Wil?
A few years ago,  my work became better known because of my pictures of little tree-frogs.

'Leap of faith'


'The Wave'





Nowadays you can find me on places in nature, where I can find special species of butterflies.



'Woven wings'

With my photos I would like to show how special the small world is.
  Many of us simply pass by.
Everything is made so perfectly beautiful !!!



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