Weekly theme Surreal winners

We are very pleased to congratulate the almost impossibly talented winners of weekly theme Surreal; Damian Conell, Anja Buehrer and Bella von Einsiedel! Their images are out of this world!

We have not received that many entries for 1x Photo Awards 2014 yet, so there's still a big chance to win the $10.000 grand prize. New is that the winning photo may also be published by Eurographics which means that you can earn another $5000 licensing your photo.

1st place, "Impossible" by Damian Conell.

2nd place, "Becoming and Passing Away" by Anja Buehrer.
3rd place, "Diving Course" by Ella von Einsiedel.


By Yvette Depaepe.


By Jacek Stefan.

By Tom R. Grabuschnigg.
By Jaqueline Hammer.

By Anne Worner.

By Gilbert Claes.

By Mieke Suharini.

By Carlo Longarini.


By Pauline Pentony.

By Shenshen Dou.

By Christophe Kiciak.

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