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Ok, so we are not quite there yet. Still, summer is definitly coming closer and to get into the right mood we will take a look at what the 1x photographers could come up with on the theme. Many photos depicted typical summer activities such as swimming, beach life and surfing. There were also many who focused on flowers and fruits associated with the time of year. The three winners, who made the wait for summer a little easier, were  Fabiola Amidei, Sarawut Intarob and Yvette Depaepe. Congratulations!


1st place, "They were a thousand red poppies" by Fabiola Amidei.

2nd place, "Happy time" by Sarawut Intarob.

3rd place, "Summertime" by Yvette Depaepe.


By Luis Bonito.

By Lucia Wanatowicz.

By Petar Boskovski.

By Harry Bünger.

By Gilbert Claes.

By Christian Marcel.

By Neat.

By Florence Menu.

By Branko Askovic.

By Mouzhik.

By Karl-Axel Lindbergh.


By Klaus Lenzen.

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