Weekly theme poverty winners

Photography is not all about beautiful landscapes and impressive scenery. It's also about depicting the world we live in and unfortunatly poverty is a part of this world. According to the United Nations, more than a billion people live with less than a dollar per day.

The theme this time gave us examples of poverty from all over the world. Many depicted individuals suffering from poverty, while others were more conceptual in their output.


1st place, "Bird Man" by Camelia.

2nd place, "The face of poverty" by Susanne Stoop.

3rd place, "face to face" by Pascal Desvignes.


By Lou Urlings.



By Luis Bonito.



By Antonio Grambone.



By Thomas Tao.

By Juan de Villalba.



By Fred Zhang.



By Jørgen Feldstedt.



By Herbert A. Franke.



By maciek przeklasa.



By Piet Flour.



By LH2O_LA Laureen.

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