Weekly theme High key winners

The theme this week was High key and it seems like the key to victory was a combination of brightness and birds. All top three entries embraced this style to great success. A big round of applause for the wonderfully talented Jeanette Rosenquist, Fabs Forns and Monika Schwager!


1st place, "White in withe (H)" by Jeanette Rosenquist.



2nd place, "Dancers in the sky" by Fabs Forns.



3rd place, "Enlightening love...forever..." by Monika Schwager.








By Fabiola Amidei.




By Neville Jones.




By Vito Guarino.




By Milan Malovrh.




By Luis Bonito.




By Geovanna Lucarelli.




By Heiko Gerlicher.




By Max Zimmer.




By MJoão Ferreira.




By Annica Westerlund.




By Nicole Barge.

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