Weekly theme Future winners

Last week's theme was the "past", so it's very convinient that this week's theme is the "future". Many of the sumissions centered around futuristic techology or architecture. Others chose to focus on the humans of tomorrow or the ambiguity of time. The three winners, whose photographic future surely is bright, are Natalia Baras, Kikroune and Thierry Dufour. Congratulations!


1st place, "Futuro" by Natalia Baras.

2nd place, "The future is in your hands" by Kikroune.

3rd place, "A future life in another dimension..." by Thierry Dufour.


By Didier Guibert.

By Alfredo Yañez.



By Peter Majkut.

By Eddie Leach.

By dodyherawan.

By Jesús M García.

By Oğuzhan Hacısalihoğlu.

By Robert D. Kusztos.

By WixMo.

By Thierry Boitelle.

By Yvette Depepe.

By Ástur Hugo Montes.

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