Weekly theme Daily life winners

We are very proud to present the week 29 winners of the weekly theme Daily life: Julien Oncete, Tom R. Grabuschnigg and Luis Bonito. 
1st place, "Our childhood" by Julien Oncete.
2nd place, "Just an ordinary day..." by Tom R. Grabuschnigg.

3rd place, "The cat, the lady and a casual "selfie"" by Luis Bonito.
By Herbert A. Franke.
By Murat Barış Paksoy.

By Fernando Alves.
By Olinda Coutinho.

By Didier Guibert.
By Majid Alamri.
By Yvette Depaepe.
By Tuchi Imperial.
By Miguel Silva.
By Bernadette De Spiegeleer.
By Ellen Van Deelen.

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