Weekly theme - Difficult winners

I don't know if the theme this time necessarily was more difficult than usual, but the 1x photographers had no difficulties in coming up with different kind of hardships captured on camera. Many submissions centered around hard labour or moving heavy objects, while others chose more symbolic interpretations. The three winners, who had no difficulties getting votes, were Kikroune, Victoria Ivanova and Yvette Depaepe. Congratulations!


1st place, "Try again! :)" by Kikroune.

2nd place, "The tug-of-war" by Victoria Ivanova.

3rd place, "Difficult to survive the earthquake" by Yvette Depaepe.


By Julien Oncete.

By Martin Hardman.

By Tomás Martin Ruiz.

By Victor Guimarães.

By Aydin Aksoy.

By Tamara Cerna.

By Stefano Zocca.

By A.G. photographe.

By Natalia Baras.

By Wieteke de Kogel.

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