We will remember them...

by Editor Susanne Stoop


"Witness in stone" by Jef Van den Houte


The second of November, it's All Souls' Day.
On this special day various Christian worshippers - Roman-Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists and Lutherans - commemorate the dead, known or unknown. They are remembered in different ways - for instance by lighting a candle or decorating the graves with colourful chrysanthemums.

Although I know that there are many religions that don't know this tradition and also that not everybody appreciates it that photographs are being taken at cemeteries - the dead should be left in peace - I'd like to show you a compilation of beautiful cemetery photographs. In honour of those who passed away and will be remembered.


“Black Widow” by Abel Tonkens


"......" by djeff act


" pasi tacuti (silent steps)" by Vlad Dumitrescu


"Pass the Torch" by Dwayne Fortier



"Memorial 2" by Jerry Berry



" Memorial. Father......and Brother" by Jerry Berry



"Why?" by Arnaud BRATKOVIC



"Field of honour" by Susanne Stoop



"The guard" by Oliver Buchmann



"Line of soldiers" by Jef Van den Houte



" Casualties of war" by Susanne Stoop



" Final Destination" by Stefan Nielsen



" The Traveller And The Headless Angel" by Ralph Graef



"Cemetery" by alireza shahhamzeh



" Memories die last" by Vladimir Perfanov



" Preparing Revolutionist Grave" by Andreas Bauer



"Grey destiny" by Kristian S. Skogsrud



"Cemetery II" by Jose C. Lobato



"Broken cross...broken dreams" by Jef Van den Houte



"Broken hope !" by Ricky Siegers



" another year has gone" by Piet Flour



by Robert Thomson



by Anna Kudriavtseva



" A few good ideas" by Julien Oncete



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