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Without our fantastic volunteers, who spend a huge deal of time and effort helping out and improving our community, there would be no 1x at all. We are now looking for people who want to make this community even more fantastic! Getting involved in 1x is one of the best ways to get more recognition in the community yourself and a lot more exposure for your photos. 

Right now we are looking for more tutorial editors, who collect tutorials and ask follow up questions to the photographers writing them. Each editor is expected to send out about 50 tutorial requests every month. As an editor you enjoy free Pro membership and crew status. You will get a free copy of our photo book Passion after you have colllected a certain number of tutorials.

We are also looking for translators mainly in Spanish, Indonesian, German, French and Italian. As a translator you will get 2 months of Pro membership for each text you translate.

Send an email to [email protected] if you want to help out and get more involved.

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