Those beautiful eyes ...

by Editor  Susanne Stoop

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", people often say. And it is quite  cliché.
Here is another one: "The eyes are the mirror to the soul."

"Dark passion" by Petko Petkov 

And yet, it tells us how the body - that is to say the eyes - and the soul - the mind - are working closely together. The eyes look, the mind sees - and yes, you can look without seeing. If I am on my way to the groceries, my eyes notice everything - the street, the trees, the cars, the people and so on, but if you ask me what I've seen, I have no idea. I didn't notice anything with my looking eyes, and so the mind didn't see the things around me.

The two short sentences tell me even more. They tell me that eyes can only look into an outside world - a street, a painting, a landscape, a photograph. I see somebody else's eyes, not mine - unless I look into a mirror. I can't look inside myself with my own eyes. It is the mind, which makes it possible - often through the eyes of others, how they see me - that I see myself.

No one can look into someone else's mind - the non transparent eyes are like gate keepers. That doesn't mean you can have an idea about what is going on. Without knowing it yourself your eyes betray you and tell the beholder, who is observing your eyes, the mood you are in. Your eyes can look happy, sad, melancholic, naughty, shy. They can stare into infinity, they show if your in concentrated or absent minded and so on.

The eyes are quite intriguing and so I have made a list of beautiful eyes. Enjoy!


"Invasion" by Paul Apalkin


"Our distorted vision" by Kike Balenzategui 


"Granny and me" by Nicolas Marino


"Determination" by Hugh Wilkinson


"Concentration" by Hilde Ghesquiere


"Triathlon runner" by Harry van der Veen


"bw portrait" by MIKHAIL POTAPOV


"Views" by Norbert Becke


"The Things I've seen" by Nadav Dov Boretzki


"Mr. Francesco during the cleanup phase." by Antonio Grambone


"Eyes in Sky" by Arash Ashkar


"Charlie" by eric drigny


"Amazement" by Piet Flour


"Children of Nepal - monochrome portraits" By Yvette Depaepe


"Little angel" by Marc Apers


"The spirit of a child" by The Jar - Geir Jartveit


"Aki Ekmekci" by Stefan Eisele


"Tribute to mr. Picasso" by Ketil Born 


"Portrait of a man" by Susanne Stoop


"Double exposure" by David Naman"  


"Nomad" by Sayyed Nayyer Reza


"Painting within a painting 2" by Edith Hoffman


"But I'm still beautiful" by Mohammad Sorkhabi


"Another view on myself" by thierry ysebaert


"Windows are the window to the soul" by Byka Artography


"three sisters" by Tatiana Vishnevskaya (Stabrova)


"New Humans" by Gautier Van Lieshout


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