The Ticking Clock: a blessing or a tyrant?

by Susanne Stoop


“Stop the time” by Aida Ianeva

Since time immemorial, there are clocks. Pretty much in all shapes and sizes - Wikipedia -  lists about seventy. One of the oldest is the sundial, the youngest the atomic clock.

A clock measures time, shows the structure of the day, determines our schedule. Actually, that clock is a kind of tyrant, who says, now you have to get up, now you have to eat breakfast, now you have to go to school or to work, now you have to eat lunch, to go home, have dinner, do whatever.

Because the tyrant plays such an important role in our lives, we photograph him in all keys and angles; the clocks list proves it. Go and have a look and have a good time!


“12h12 High time to take controle over...” by Ben Goossens


“Search of the perfect time” by Antonio Grambone


“Curvature of Spacetime” by Rainer Inderst


“The first passenger” by Lutz Klapp


“Clocks” by Adrian Donoghue


“too late” by Hilde Ghesquiere


“Please go faster, I want to grow up...” by Yvette Depaepe



“time line” by Donghee, HAN



“Time Walk” by Andre du Plessis ARPS



“It's Always Coffee Time” by Dina Belenko



“666” by Michel Bochet-Mérand



“You are what you eat” by Jose Luis Muñoz



“Tea Time 2” by Victoria Ivanova



“Play round-the-clock” by Bernadette De Spiegeleer



“Through time” by Silvia Simonato



“Time” by Peter Kemp



“Time” by Florin Bandas



“The weight of time” by Julie de Waroquier



“Stop The Time” by Nader Farid



“Unlucky 13” by Michal Zahornacky



“Time dripping away” by Simon Pearce



“...” by PetraTomastíková



“The girls of the next night” by Moein Hashemi Nasab



“Sa_m” by Ewa Cwikla



“Untitled” by RED&PURPULE



“Time flies” by Marc Apers



“Restroom for workers” by Mehdi Nazeri



“Untitled” by saleh swid



“Untitled” by Vadim Stein



“Time passing III” by Ruben Perez



“a Preference for Fiction” by Michael Bilotta



“Time & Tides Wait for No Man” by Philip Blanchard



“Loc ptr Fumat” by Bogdan Mihai R

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