The Soul of the City at Night

by Yvette Depaepe 

Get inspired by this gallery of city night shots to enter your best ones in the upcoming contest topic starting on Monday the 22nd of July.  You can submit them here.  

Cities are wonderful places for creative night images.
Going outside into the darkness long after the sun has set is fascinating. Once it gets dark  the artificial lights come on: street lamps, car lights, buildings, signs, all create many opportunities for amazing photos.  One discovers the soul of the city in an entirely “new light”.

'Prague in Black and White' by Marcel Rebro

Night time cityscape photography has a special charm giving your images a unique feeling, mood and expression.

'Night walk in the rain' by Stefan Eisele


'Time travel' by Holger Droste


'Big City Nights' by George Digalakis


Shooting in the dark may sound challenging but it is not impossible.

The toughest challenge is to take freeze-frames.  It's a hard task for your camera.  Crank up the ISO and set a fast aperture to be able to shoot hand-held.  Understand that you will end up with a shallow depth of field and most probably digital noise.  The newer cameras produce less noise but still be prepared  to do some noise reduction while processing.

'last stop' by juliusfrumble


'tremors...' by cédric Zuwala


n/t by Teruhiko Tsuchida

If you want to take night shots using long exposures to capture the available light, the lower ISO and smaller aperture will reduce the noise and give a nice depth of field.
  A tripod will be needed to accomplish this.

'Venice' by Tanja Ghirardini


'Brussels lace' by Sophie Voituron.


Keep in mind that the most important thing when going out at night in the city is to stay safe.
Rediscover your surroundings and give your imagination free reign.  Try those moody low-light shots, you might be amazed by the material you come home with.

Look at the following compilation of stunning night shots by 1x members to be inspired.
Let the magic flow and give it a go !!!


'Bike Romance' by Mirela Momanu


'Fear of the Dark 04' by George Digalakis


'Going through the night' by kenichiro hagiwara


'In the stairs' by Adolfo Urrutia


'From the night of Kosice' by Peter Hrabinsky


'street mood' by Marchevca Bogdan


'Une nuit à Lisbonne' by eric drigny


'crazy night' by TORU MATSUNAGA


'In the teeth of cold winds' by Yvette Depaepe


n/t by Teruhiko Tsuchida


'Strangers in the night' by Carmen G.


'homecoming' by Claudio Moretti


'Moonlight stroll' by Piet Flour


'Paris' by Peter Davidson


'Lisbon night b&w' by Michel Romaggi


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