The Powerful Splendor of Waterfalls

by Editor  Yvette Depaepe

Waterfalls are spectacular, simultaneously beautiful, uplifting, overwhelming and bringing such immediacy into our minds.  They are exciting because they have power, they have rainbows, they have songs, and they have boldness and craziness!

There is no wondering about what the waterfalls were like yesterday, no way to know what they will look like tomorrow.  There will always be a shade of difference, a nuance noticed or not, but to see them right now, in this moment in their powerful splendor.

A Dream in the Moonlight” by Valeriy Shcherbina

Waterfalls are beautiful but technically difficult to photograph.
Snapping the perfect waterfall picture is like a rite of passage in landscape photography. Capturing that fast-moving water in a creamy blur is based on the basic concept of long exposures, however shooting waterfalls often presents a unique set of challenges. After all, long exposure photography is typically reserved for low lighting—shooting waterfalls in daylight often means the right exposure often can’t be achieved with just the camera settings, at least not with the desired depth of field.

While it’s not something you can find at a camera store, patience comes in handy. Taking the time to find the best composition or waiting for the right weather is necessary for capturing that jaw-dropping photo.

The 1X gallery contains many beautiful waterfall images created by talented photographers from all over the world.  They are a rich source to exhibit the beauty of landscapes and invoke our true appreciations to our natural environment.  

“Monsters Of The Night” by Patrick Marson Ong


“N/T” by ali rismanchi


“The Last Light” by Yan Zhang


“A far glow” by Isabella Tabacchi


“Kirkjufellsfoss” by Ramón Menéndez Covelo


“Icy Wonderland” by Yi Jiang


“Under the Northern Lights” by Carlos F. Turienzo


“Waterfall” by Amador Funes


"Morning Godafoss” by Colin Bradnam


“Iceland – MyGodafoss” by Michael Jurek


“The god of the falls” by Julio Castro Pardo


“ Yellow Autumn” by Yuki Yatsushima


“Light Colosseum” by Blake Randall


“Etive Rainbow” by Antonio Prado Pérez


“Starry Night Over Palouse Falls” by Lydia Jacobs


“Dramatic Godafoss” by Saskia Dingemans


“Magic of Skogafoss" by Jose D. Riquelme


“Natural Bridge” by Juanra Noriega


“From inside” by Simon Roppel


“Whisper of Darkness” by John Fan


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