The particular humour from five 1x Photographers

by Editor  Yvette Depaepe

It happened to all of us to shoot a funny candid shot.
Coïncidence or purpose, humour in photography is a very particular genre.

As follow up of previous article about humour, I would like to present you five 1x photographers who have plenty of humour shots in there portfolio. Some in a subtle way, some in a direct way, and some enscenerings.
Certainly all worth to mention today.

Smile and enjoy!


Carlo Ferrara: subtle conceptual humour.
Read more in Carlo's interview here.

Carlo's conceptual work is amazing. All his life experiences are to be seen in his photography. What makes his concepts so unique is that he is the actor and model himself. Strong, intense, mostly humoristic, are the main characteristics of his images.


"Bidirectional energies"


“Inspiration two”


“Ad-dress – 5, nowhere street"


“I don't know where my head is!"


Mario Grobenski: ironic humour
Read more in Mario's interview here.

Mario Grobenski is one of the most intriguing and strong personalities on 1x. His work is full of irony. With an endless inspiration, most of his work is created in "one single room" with himself as a model.


“Burning news”


“Manufactures Nouvelle”


“Wannabe sailor”


“Fix me tender”


John Wilhem: Storytelling Humour
Read more in John's interview here.

John Wilhem is one of those rare photographers who are equally briljant creatively as technically.  When browsing through his portfolio, it's impossible to know what to expect, except for one thing: You will not be bored.


“Just four shipwrecked photoshoppers”


“Yeah! It's a photographer!”




“Just a very thirsty giraffe”


Victoria Ivanova: humoristic still life
Read more in Victoria's interview here.

Victoria Ivanova is a conceptual photographer who creates magic and meaning with simple things that everyone has in their home, like pears, pencils and pins. Her still life photography always tells a story.


“Photographer's breakfast”


“Who am I?”


“The nude 2”




Christine von Diepenbroek: surreal humour
Read more in Christine's interview here.

Christine von Diepenbroek calls herself a storyteller more than a photographer.  Her human related fantasies and her absurd ideas are the keywords.  Relativity, imagination and humour are to be seen in her phantasmagorical world.




“The farm”


“The Ballett-Lesson III”


“Knead the paste...”


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