The elephant: Nature's largest masterpiece

by Yvette Depaepe

Elephants, largest of all land animals, are among the most recognizable and beloved creatures on Earth. Their ancestors once roamed most of the planet.


"Sri Lanka Elephants" by Dean Mullin


Elephants are some of the most intelligent, social and empathic animals around. They commonly show grief, humour, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, tool-use, playfulness and excellent learning abilities.
There are many reports of elephants showing altruism towards other species. They also respect their dead and have death rituals.

Elephants are declining in numbers but happily have some legal protection since the international bans on ivory imports.

In the kingdom of animals, it is not necessary to be thin-skinned to be sensitive ;)))
I'm sure these pictures from 1x wildlife photographers will touch a sensitive cord in all of you!


“My Private Shower” by Shivang Mehta


“Under the sheltering sky” by Marina Cano


“Mom, see how fast I can walk” by Cheng Chang


“THE PROUD VICTOR (or THE WINNER'S GLOW) by Antje Wenner Braun


“Tasty leaves” by Pavol Stranak


“Boy, Let's go To The River” by Young Feng


“Bathing in dirt under fading light” by Sanin Alessandr


"Learning" by Young Feng 


“Tusker” by Bjorn Persson


“The Big Bull!” by Andreas Hemb


“Two” by Antje Wenner


“Elephant Portrait” by Rudi van den Heever


“Elephants” by Eduard


“A very long thinking” by Mathilde Guillemot


“Golden Light” by David Hua


“Walking in Savannah” by Jackson Carvalho


“Meeting with the titans” by Robert Fowler


“We walk as one, Masai Mara” by Pekka Järventaus


“Elephant drinking water” by Phillip Chang


“Charge” by Bjorn Persson


"Etosha" by Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen


“Close” by Bjoern Alieke


“Walking Home” by Ben McRae


“Noon meeting” by Marcel Rebro


“A bath” by Juan Luis Duran


“Friends forever”  by Ernest Rex


“Sequence of emotion” by Mathilde Guillemot


"Coming" by Alessandro Catta


“A Pre-history Memory” by Jeffrey Wu


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