Still Life Art is Still Alive

by Yvette Depaepe

There’s something really inviting about a great still life image.  It is almost like a little window into the life of someone from another time and place.

Still life is generally defined as a collection of inanimate objects arranged together in a specific way.

The objects chosen for a still life often have a special meaning, either on a personal, cultural, social, religious or philosophical level. The themes surrounding the artwork often provoke introspection and reflection in the viewer. The way that the objects are depicted can evoke a wide variety of emotions, depending on their arrangement, as well as the lighting, and colour choice. These are all things to take into account when viewing a still life artwork.


"Grapes" by Christophe Verot

Still life photography has its roots in the centuries-old tradition of still life painting. The painters planned their work down to the last detail - selecting, arranging, and lighting objects in ways that are not only pleasing to the eye, but that communicate a unique, artistic vision. Today’s masters still life photographers are as meticulous in their preparations as the painters, but are far more experimental in terms of subject matter, mood, and composition, creating inventive images that can both surprise and inspire us.

When photography originated, exposures had to be quite long, so photographing static objects was the ideal subject matter. However, as the technology developed, the fascination for capturing still life has remained and is still one of the most viable photographic genres today.

Some members of the 1x community are true masters in this genre.
Be amazed by this compilation of outstanding still life images by great artist photographers.


“With a pumpkin” by  Stanislav  Aristov

“With a basket of lilacs” by Татьяна Скороход


“Still life with old vine” by UstinaGreen


"The bedroom" by Delphine Devos


“Chamomile” by Mystic Light (Piga&Catalano)


“Pears” by Mandy Disher


“Equilibrium” by BrigBarkow


“Autumn Reverie” by Margaret Halaby



“Morning Light” by Sophie Pan



“I Love Wine! V” by Alessandro Fabiano



“Ivy” by Kristina Oveckova


“Industrial Bloom” by Jon Kinney


“Crystal Ball Gazing” by Jacqueline Hammer


“Hollyhocks and Pears” by Mary Ann Andrews


“Cézanne's apples” by Margareth Perfoncio


”Come On, Catch Up” by Paul Wullum


“Festive” by Shogun

“Geropogon Ttime” by saleh swid


“**II*” by Dimitar Lazarov-Dim


“The big family (ii)” by Amador Funes


“The “u”” by Vangelis Makris


“Stopping The Time” by Lenka


“Tulip” by Sarah Brooke


“Green apples” by marie-anne stas


“Still life#2” by René Greiner

“Still life with pear” by Luiz Laercio


“The past” by Deborah Gugeri


“Red” by Anna Klinkosz


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