Seaside rendez-vous

by Yvette Depaepe 

Summer holidays, days at the seaside...
The sea washed ashore brings little bubbles of life to its end.
Children splashing and jumping as wave after wave fell in.
Buckets and spades ready to build sand castles.
Blankets and cloths blown from the wind are held down by shoes.
Swimmers breathing the wild air.
Sun lovers and dreamers walking through the waves and the sand all day until the tides take them away to far horizons.
Memories to keep and to treasure...

A day at the seaside makes us dream, make us stop thinking and just let things happen until it's time to leave, until it's time to hang our hats on the door and exchange our dreams for reality.

But for us photographers, the seaside is crammed full with opportunities and not only during the summer holidays but the whole year long.

This video shows a wonderful compilation of most original and outstanding “all seasons” images and creations from 1x photographers.  Some are dramatic, some dreamlike, some funny, but they all express lots of good vibes ;-)

Enjoy this video while listening to the song “Seaside Rendez-vous” by Queen.




In the following gallery, you can see all the images included in the video.
Have fun and make the best of your summer holidays.


“Altar” by Luc Vangindertael


“3 times different” by Leon


by Ina Dabi


“Just a seagull pulling my girls” by John Wilhelm


“L'Alveare” by Massimo Della Latta


“Summer” by Mikhail Potapov


“Ecological freedom” by Ben Goossens


“Sun-bay watch” by Ben Goossens


“Umbrella blues” by Aydin Aksoy


“Red” by Massimo Della Latta


“la visite” by Gilbert Claes


“gotcha” by Udo Dittmann


“Windfighter” by Marc Barcelo


“;-)” by margit lisa roeder


“Beach party” by Marcel van Balken


“Oh I do love to be beside the seaside” by Ophelia


“super movers” by Lus Joosten


“Neverland II” by Christine von Diepenbroek


“Unstoppable” by Christophe Kiciak


“Refuge à la mer” by Ben Goossens


“M. Rossis adventure at sea II” by Christine von Diepenbroek


“deep water” by Ambra


“Black Sea summer” by Susanne Stoop


“Voyeurs” by Ben Goossens


“The quiet hours” by Carmine Chiriaco


“Solo” by Hilde Ghesquiere

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