Results Contest: The Soul of the City at Night

When speaking about night photography, we often think about long exposures (cars, light trails, moving silhouets).  But that  doesn't necessary mean long exposures if we use the available light often present.  Both methods can result in moody soulful city night shots.  Enjoy the 10 best and magnificent shots submitted to this contest and get inspired.

The winners with the more votes are:

1st placeMichel Romaggi
2nd place: Barbara Read
3rd place: Fernando Alves 

Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions and thanks to all the participants in the contest 'The Soul of the City at Night'.

'Rainbows'  is the theme running currently.

To capture beautiful rainbows, we really have to be on the right place at the right moment and handle quickly to catch these wonderful arcs of colour before they disappear because they are light reflections  being refracted by millions of tiny raindrops.  A challenge to all of you to show us your very best rainbow shots.

This contest will end at midnight on Sunday the 18th of August.
The sooner you upload your submission the more chance you have to gather the most votes to be among the winners ore honorable mentions.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, click here

1st place: Michel Romaggi


2nd place: Barbara Read


3rd place: Fernando Alves



by aRRO


by Christian Roustan


by Nicodemo Quaglia


by J-A Chazal


by Jose C. Lobato


by Marco Antonio Cobo


by Peter Davidson


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