Paris, the city of light

by Yvette Depaepe (in collaboration with Hugh O. Smith)

Digital photography has given the photographer, amateur and professional alike, the opportunity to capture light in extraordinary ways. Capturing the “feel” of travels is now easier than ever and what better place to capture light than Paris…the City of Light.


by Jean-Charles Mudet

Paris is famous for many commonly visited and famous sites showing its glorious historical past.  The “Arc de Triomphe”, the “Louvre”, the “Notre-Dame”, Monmartre, the “Eiffel Tower”, Montmartre, the "Centre Pompidou" and many more.


by A.G. Photographe

by Xeal

by Christophe Kiciak

by Sébastien GABORIT

by Sol Marrades

by Kah Kit Yoong


Paris, like all cities is people.  It has long been the Mecca for artists and writers and rightly so. But, Paris, like all cities in the world, is people. It presents endless opportunities to the photographer to strive to “feel”

Enjoy this gallery of shots responding perfectly well to the unique Parisian mood.

by Kah Kit Yoong


by Sol Marrades

by Sol Marrades


by Frankie Bastide
by Didier Guibert
by Stéphane Breton
by Gilbert Claes

by Didier Guibert
by Gyuraw
by David Fletcher
by aaih88
by Bard Ellingsen
by Christian Müller

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