New long awaited album feature

Turn your 1x profile into a portfolio of all your best photos with our brand new album feature! Organize your photos, published and unpublished alike, into different albums in your new "Album" tab. Sort them by different themes, series, places, models, genres of photography or however you like! It's incredible easy to make an album and add photos to it, just click "Create album" and then click on all photos you want to include in the album in a list of all your photos.

You can add a single photo to multiple albums and you can easily arrange the order of the images in each album. You can also arrange the order of the albums in your profile and select an album cover. In "Acconut settings" you can make your Albums the default landing page of your profile. We intend for your 1x profile to be a porfoltio of all photos you think are your best and most important and with this new album feature it's easier and more fun than ever before! Check an excellent example on Piet Flour's profile here.

This feature is availble for Plus and Pro members, upgrade your account here.

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