Nepal: a most picturesque country

by Ajay Pant

I would like to start letting you know about where I come from and how picturesque my country is. I want to give you a glimpse of Nepal and its characteristics and will gradually go deeper into the specific components of its diversity to give you an insightful photographic journey.

The title of this article: A “picture”sque country includes the word “picture” anyway.  Many 1x members are aware of it.  One can find amazing and brilliant images in the 1x archives. 


“Delivery of refrigerator, Himalayas” by Dmitriy Yevtushyk


Human interests are infinite, and this unlimited want and the desires for something have one common element which is the desire of exploration, in the interest of peace and intense focus on something. For me, no one or anything can more vigorously meet these expectations than the beauty and diversity of Nepal. Nepal, a polyphonic country where all the sounds of Nepalese seem to say “Proud to be Nepali”, a country that twiddles everyone with the root sounds of its diversity, a country where rich and poor consider themselves “egalitarian” and a country with an ambrosial smell of nature. Undoubtedly, Nepal is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of culture, traditions, ethnicity, language and much more. But the affinity of these diverse people towards one nation and their peaceful co-existence with mutual interaction is praiseworthy.


“3 Stories, 1 Moment” by Piet Flour

“Prasanti” by Jan Moller Hansen

“Children of the Mountains” by Mitchell Kanashkevich

“Gurung Boy” by Björn Billing


“Women of Nepal” by Yvette Depaepe

“Samita and Mony” by Jan Moller Hansen

“Festivals of Nepal” by Ajay Pant

“Maha Shivaratri” by Ajay Pant

“Sadhu” by Jan Moller Hansen


This abundant character is beautified by the topographical diversity full of breathtaking landscapes, ranging from about hundred meters above the sea level to the highest in the world. Here, the peaceful diversity among people is decorated by diverse landscapes that are to no one’s surprise truly astounding.

From the white, diamond-like mountains followed by bold green hills to the yellowish plain region of the Teri, all together make the beauty of Nepal like a beautiful woman who is smiling. To this wonderful beauty, add the sonorous voice of the respectful, decent and gracious attitude of the Nepalese who follow their own culture and traditions, celebrate Nepal independence as their festival, speak their own language and sing the National Anthem as their favorite tune. From the highest peak of the world, Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), wonderful hills and lakes that are no less magnets, to the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves with many ecosystems, to the unbelievably large Lord Shiva’s statue which protects us every day, to the temples, monasteries and Durbar Squares that represent our culture, heritage and traditions and also reflects the greatness of our ancestors, Nepalese have been blessed by all of this, which make us the luckiest inhabitants of the world. Every endangered species is protected here in Nepal, every hurt is cured, may it be of creed or caste, every greatness is respected in this small but diverse country.


“Sunlit – Himalayas, Langtang” by Dmitry Kupratsevick


“The Mountain Gods” by karsten Wrobel


“Mantra over the mountain” by Pong Skuntanaga


“Himalayas, morning view from Gokyo Ri peak” by Alexey Kharitonov


"Ama Dablam" by elenamaria


“Forbidden Heights” by Stefan Bingham


“Sunrise on the Anapurna” by Yvette Depaepe


As we all believe in the power of images that speak for themselves, I hope you enjoyed this selection of outstanding images to justify all of my above claims!
Cheers, Ajay

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