Mind blowing winter shots by 1x photographers

by Yan Zhang (Australia) 

In most places of this planet, winter is a special season of a year: it is usually colourless, bold and gloomy, harsh to many living things, and constantly spreads a bleak emptiness atmosphere. However, winter casts very unique beauty to our natural landscapes that we do not see in all other seasons.

As a person living in Sydney (Australia), getting a cold winter experience is not that simple. I have to plan long ahead and then eventually go somewhere perhaps outside Australia. I am always excited to travel near or far in order to undertake my winter activities, no matter whether it is a mountain climb or photography.

This is an amazing collection of  winter photographs out of the 1X gallery. Each of these images is unique and inspirational. From these images, we see amazing winter scenes around the world – from China to North America, from Iceland to Serbia, from plains to mountains, and from forests to lakes. I believe that our audience will be impressed by these beautiful winter photographs and inspired by the creativity of the photographers.


Icy Carpet” (Slovenia) by Ales Komovec


Mount Hallelujah” (China) by Yan Zhang


In White” (Serbia) by Dragisa Petrovic


Winter Fairytale” (Bulgaria) by taurus13


Carter Lake” (USA) by Marc Adamus


Winter” by Jure Kravanja


Cryophillia” (Canada) by Paul Zizka


Aurora Borealis” (Iceland) by Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN


Ice” by Ralf Greiner


A Tree and Trees” (USA) by Mei Xu


Pyramid Mountain” (Iceland) by Örvar Atli Porgeirsson


Staying Together” (Germany) by Andreas Wonisch


Snow Chasing” by Shenshen Dou


"Karkonosze Moutains” (Poland) by Pawel Murczak


snowbound” by Rolf Endermann


Above the Clouds” by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt


At the Foot of Monte Rosa” (Switzerland) by Vito Guarino


Icy Falls” (Finland) by Keijo Savolainen


Winter Morning” (Poland) by Katarzyna Gritzmann


Charm Winter” (France) by Marco Barone


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