Memento + Pro membership special offer

Memento is in our mind the best photo book ever made. It contains some of the finest photos in the world, carefully selected by our curators. The book itself is made with the best photo paper available. No expenses have been saved in creating this premium product.


We are equally proud of our new 1x Portfolios. 1x Portfolios is your own personal home page where you can upload any photos that you want. You get your own URL address and can even have a custom domain. 1x Portfolios is fun and easy to use. It looks equally good on a computer, as on a smartphone or iPad. It's the perfect way to present your work.


We can now offer you both products to a great price. For a reduced price of 99 USD/EUR, you will get BOTH Memento and 1x Portfolios. This offer will give you a full year of Pro membership, in which 1x Portfolios is included.

This is the perfect opportunity to take part of everything 1x has to offer. A book with some of the greatest 1x photos published so far and a membership that allows you to submit your own photos to curation. Perhaps it's your photo that will be on the cover on the next photo book?

If you currently have a Plus membership, your current membership will be upgraded to Pro and a full year of Pro membership will be added to that time.

You will find the offer here.

Here are some photos from Memento.


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