Marc Apers Exhibition: "Out of Africa"




Many of us know Marc Apers as an outstanding photographer.  His portraits are expressive, very intense and story telling.  For him “people” are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He has great respect for others and truly is interested in them. These feelings can be seen in all his portraits.  He tries to capture people's soul through the  expression in their eyes, their background and their life experiences in one single shot.

Therefore Marc is particularly attracted by the people in Africa.
They are pure, wise, poor but mostly happy and they are not bothered by the hurried Western lifestyle. He presents himself to them in a most open and honest way as if he was one of them. A little wink, a short chat and a smiling face will convince them to pose for him. Sometimes they even start telling their life stories.

Discover Marc's wonderful portraits, in large format prints of exceptional quality and
don't miss his exhibition “OUT OF AFRICA”

Zeedijk 111-114 in Middelkerke (belgian coast)

The exhibition will run till half way December.
Open everyday from 12 till 9pm in August.  
From September on, closed on Wednesdays.

If you are visiting the Belgian coast, take this opportunity to see the best of Marc's work.

Here's a small selection








And many more...

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