How strong is the lonely cyclist?

by Susanne Stoop 

It is Tour de France time!

The worlds most prominent stage race for professional cyclists has entered its third week, tiredness takes its toll. Who will take the yellow jersey to Paris after six more gruelling days? The toughest, the smartest, the sprinter or the will to be the strength of the lonely cyclist?

There are by the way more strong lonely cyclists than those brave professionals, as my list will prove. Enjoy!


"The Racer" by Herbert Wannhoff

"Pure focus" by zdravc69


"I Want To Ride My Bike" by kachmarsky


"Orban-Barra Gabor" by Attila Szabo


"Honeycomb" by Naoki Matsumura


"Bike to School" by Rishardana


"My Freedom" by rafaat pronoy


"At rest" by Tihomir Trichkov


"Allegro" by Hengki Lee


"Lightheaded" by Christophe Kiciak


"Here it Stops for Most" By Ben Goossens


"Training Flight" by Angela Bacon-Kidwell


"my shadow and me" by Anja Buehrer


"Rain" by Kouji Tomihisa


"it's raining cats and dogs" by Christian Müller


"Storm" by Jian Wang



"biker's morning" by Karl Bauer


"Against the wind" by kovop


"The lonely biker" by Mette Caroline Strøksnes


"I watched the leaves fly" by Jacob Tuinenga


"The X factor" by Susanne Stoop


"Early morning" by Diana Popescu


"Farmer" by rachmad sofyan


"Eiffel" by Sol Marrades


"Penny-farthing" by Luis Bonito


"Peak oil" by Michel Guyot


"closing time" by Holger Droste


"just a break" by Robert


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