HAPPY 2019 !!!

Happy New Year! 
Thank you all for your presence on our site, for sharing your skills, for your support and kind words throughout, for your friendship. 
Cheers to rocking it in 2019.


by Cosimo Barletta


Best wishes from the 1x management and crew for all of you

We wish you wisdom to choose the right settings
We wish you the best light and weather conditions you're looking for
We wish you happiness in the eyes of your subjects
We wish you bravery to go to places that you have never been
We wish you patience to be able to see the beauty of nature around
We wish you a camera that is always ready on your side, with the right lens
We wish you guidance so you can get where you want and be safe
We wish you and yours a wonderful New Year filled with many beautiful photographs.

by Marek Grohol


 by Jeremy Hussard
by Roberto Marini

by Stewart Marsden


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