Fundătura Ponorului: Transylvanian photographers' heaven

by Sebastian Vasiu 

“Lunca Ponorului” by Cristian Lee

Once you discovered Fundătura Ponorului you will know how paradise look like.
Some call it “The Hand of God”, others “The Photographers’ Heaven”.

Either way, it is not too exaggerated to talk about Fundătura Ponorului as one of the most beautiful place on Earth, one of the most picturesque places where the Light is magical.
The real meaning of its name is far from being appropriated when talking about this wonder.
In English Fundătura Ponorului means “dead end of the river stream”. But somehow this describes the configuration of the valley which ends directly with a vertical rock underneath the river flow.

The snake form of the river and the multiple rocky peaks surrounding the valley make Fundătura Ponorului a unique location.  On top of that all, homesteads and households with their fences look like a theatre stage scene having all elements to create one of the best photography spots in Romania and maybe world wide?

If you have the opportunity, come over and discover Fundătura with its wonderful landscapes and beautiful authentic people.  You will remember it forever.”

For now, enjoy this gallery of images all taken in Fundătura Ponorului by talented 1x photographers.


“Fundătura Ponorului” by Cristian Lee


Fundătura Ponorului” by Cristian Lee


“The Lonely Tree” by Sorin Onisor


“A Portrait of an Old Lady” by Sorin Onisor


Fundătura Ponorului” by Genadi Dochev


“Pumpkins carrots” by Genadi Dochev


“the guardian” by Marius Petric


“Rise and shine” by Marius Petric


“Down for water” by Marius Petric


“fresh haystacks” by Marius Petric


“frosty morning” by Marius Petric


“daily journey” by Marius Petric


”Winding road back home” by Marius Cinteză


“You'll Never Walk Alone” by Sebastiæn  


“By the River” by Sebastiæn


“Heaven on Earth” by Sebastiæn


“Still Nature” by Sebastiæn


“Simple Life” by Sebastiæn

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