From Berlin with love

by Susanne Stoop 


"V From Underground" by Wolfgang Weber  xxxx

I love Berlin and I am not the only one, judging by the number of beautiful pictures I've let pass my eye.

What's so fascinating about Berlin is not only its turbulent past and its scars, but also its unconventionality, its spirit, its sorrows and happiness, its moods, its beauty and its ugliness, its people.

Usually the Berlin atmosphere is quite relaxed, but it can be very grim when there are demonstrations, which sometimes result in true battles.

Berlin is a gold mine for photographers who love modern architecture or street photography or document the testimonies of the past, the mood of the city and so on.

It would of course be ideal if the photographers would go to other places than the touristic eye catchers. There is so much more to discover in the quarters outside the city centre. But that takes time and a prolonged stay, which many can't afford. So my list of Berlin will show you highlights that every tourist has seen, but there is also room for the past, mood and spirit of this wonderful city.  Enjoy!


"Bullseye" by Katarina Månsson


"Ice Cream" by Kay PK


"crown of thunder" by Linda Wride


"city of darkness" by Markus Studtmann


by Benjamin Brosdau


"The green element" by Dan Clausen Hansen



"Bahn Tower and Kollhoff-Tower" by Rolf Mauer



"Stairs_1_Kinemathek" by Herbert A. Franke



"All white" by Hervé Loire



"Mirrored World" by Philipp Richert



"Orange" by Mehrdad Samak-Abedi



"bcc Berliner Congress Center" by yushimoto_02 [christian]



"city railway" by Klaus Lenzen



"Harmony V2" by Dominik Jaeck



"Berlin noir " by Dan Clausen Hansen



" The only way is up" by Marcus Björkman



" Paul Löbe Haus" by Jürgen Schrepfer



"visitors" by Klaus Lenzen



"balconies" by Harry Lieber



" Gemäldegalerie, Berlin." by Massimo Cuomo



"Omega" by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp



" Berliner Olympic stadion" by Susanne Stoop



"Shell-Haus" by Kutlu



"Urban Geometry" by Markus Kühne



"Berlin Cathedral" by Waldemar Wienchol



“Cross" by Alex Buisse



"Holocaust Memorial" by Renate Reichert



"rain and tears" by Linda Wride



"Was once the wall" by Giulio.Ercolani



" Turning page" by Carlo Cafferini



"Bernauer Strasse" by Hilde Ghesquiere



"Surprise" by Stefano Corso



" Berlin -Slutwalk 2011-" by Bora Tarhan



"Table dance" by Dieter Matthes



“Untitled” by ©



"A raining day in Berlin" by Stefan Eisele



"The kiss" by Dieter Matthes


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