Football! Go for the Goal ...

by Editor  Yvette Depaepe

The ability of football to evoke huge amounts of passion from all generations and from all countries in the world probably makes it the biggest and most popular sport on the planet.

That passion swells up every four years for the most-watched sporting event going on right now:

“Simba” by Shlomy Evron

Did you ever wonder why football is so popular?
Here are some good reasons!

*  Anybody can play.

*  Cheap considering other games. No much expensive gadgets are required to play the game.
   The ball doesn't need to be expensive.  Can be made of rounding up paper, clothes to play barefooted.

*  Can be played by rich and poor, white and black, men and women, old and young.

*  Action till last whistle and last minute. Goals can be born at any instant from anywhere.

*  A way of mental relaxation. You can forget anything when you are on field or watch your favorites play.

*  Independent of climate, the game always goes on: in the rain, in  thefog, under snow fall, under hot sun.

*  You can play it anywhere. You don't need a proper field to play.

*  Football teaches passion , loyalty, love, emotions, celebrations and much more.

*  Football can stop racism. We cheer for the one who scored despite of his color.

*  Football unites every one under a single roof. It is the largest “religion” without a god, just emotions.

Although the FIFA – International Federation of Football Association - recognizes the birth of the modern game as 1863 in England, the deepest origins go back centuries. The Han Dynasty in the second century B.C. saw the emergence of a game similar to football  called tsu' chu.  Players could use any part of the body apart from hands and the intent was kicking a ball through an opening into a net.

Everybody is hoping on a possible victory in the World Cup for his favourite team.
Quarter final predictions provoke a huge excitement all over the planet.
I thought this was the perfect moment to publish this outstanding football shots by 1x members.  

Let's go for the photographic goals and enjoy this selection in thez meanwhile of the final results ...

“Soccer at sunset” by Marc Apers


“penalty” by RTB


“Futbol” by Andreas Bauer


“Play is equally important as pray” by Joe B N Leung


“El momento” by Pedro Bada


“Footballers” by Prateek Dubey


“Our Future Goal Keeper” by Rizal Adi Dharma


“The Champion” by Angela Muliani Hartojo


“strong man” by Mark Kozhura


“Football” by Rui Caria


“Football on thunder” by Daniel Rodrigues


“Football on the beach” by Yvette Depaepe


“Football” by Isidro Vieira


“Soccer” by Sebastian Prioteasa


“Cathedral of Football” by Clemens Geiger


“Santiago Bernabéu” by Jesús M García


"FOOTBALL RITUALS” by Borislav Troshev


“Full Colour Football Fever” by Colmar Wocke


“look” by Zhecho Planinski


“FOOTball” by Kristian Jorgensen


“airplane” by Filip Loci


“good save” by Zhecho Planinski


“Head'” by Filip Loci


“PENALTY” by Borislav Troshev


“The Winning Shot” by Dmitry Kiyatkin 


“Stop” by Filip Loci


“Ball (Dance)" by Paolo Giudici


“turn right at the next lights” by Karl-Axel Lindbergh


by trijoko


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