Eyes: the gate to our secret garden

by Carla DLM


by Naufal

I have always heard that the eyes are open windows into our soul. They can change our facial expression and show our emotions in a matter of seconds. They have the capability to reflect our feelings and emotions, expressing happiness, love, protection and comfort, but also anger, sadness or pain. Yes, I believe they are indeed gates into our most intimate corners, which makes us both vulnerable and powerful.

I admire those images in which the eyes can tell a story. Unfortunately, not every picture can transmit such a feeling; but when this is achieved, it is just fascinating.

Here is a selection of some images I found in the 1x archives. They forced me to stop and stare at them, trying to unearth somehow the secret stories they might hide. All of them, if you take a careful look, will transport you to a different place, time, feeling and state of mind.


by Frank Dalemans  


by Paul Apal'kin


by Kharinova Uliana


by Ronald Novianus


by Austin Odunga


by Norbert Becke



by Agus Heriyanto


by Kamila Kolanska


by Tomasz Solinski


by Lucio Chiari


by Eric Drigny


by Lidia Vanhamme


by Arkadiy Korobka


by Mehdi Mokhtari


by Jozef Kiss


by Laura Zambelli


by Jacob Tuinenga


by Radin Badrnia


by Ela Stein


by Danil Rudoy


by Saravanan Dhandapani


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