Enjoy late autumn before the winter knocks on our doors

by Editor Swapnil. 

  The name of the season itself drives so many feelings of awe as well as melancholy as soon as we just hear about it.  It is rightfully said to be a second spring when every leaf is a flower before it sheds away, becoming just the memories.

The falling leaves have been an inspiration to myriad of art pictures, articles, stories and a lot has been in metaphor with human stories. We see the pinnacle of greens in summers and the leafy landscape is gradually splashed with yellow, orange and reds which has captivated our attention and imagination since ages.
Artists have always juxtaposed the ideas of falling leaves with memoirs of our stories as autumns have always been known for breathtaking sights and being humbled and overwhelmed by their vivid colours and emotions associated with them.

'Schmorgenforgen' by Lars van de Goor

In northern hemispheres the end of September generally marks the start of autumn till December when most leaves wither away.
Nature offers the vivid colours, tinge of rain and fog who add such a beautiful natural contrast that one just doesn’t need any filters to make stunning images.
Just following the basic rules of compositions and exposures deliver amazing and awe inspiring images.

Since this is photography article, I rather not delve into the philosophical aspect of autumn.
I prefer talking about images which make us feel the fall's mood.
I will just summarize the ideas of autumn images and add stunning works by 1x photographers here!

n/t by stanislav hricko


'Edge of the woods' by Franz Schumacher

Autumnal landscapes have a distinct feel of colours and fog and have a rich sense of mood due to it. The moisture in the air and fog brings a timelessness to the feel of the image. Trees and their distinct shape is accentuated and contrasts of their dark stems and orange leaves just stands out.

'Coors in the Mist' by Lars van de Goor


'Early Morning Shuffle' by Lars van de Goor

Waterfalls also look extremely beautiful due to the fallen coloured leaves around them and their white colours stands out when juxtaposed with the wonderful autumn colours.

'Autumn Cascade' by Christos Zoumides


'Postlude' by Mary Kay

As with waterfalls, it is also with
the roads which stand out making the leading lines in the composition surrounding the fall foliage or through the canopy of coloured trees.

'Autumnal path' by Janek Sedlar


'The gates of hell' by Bastien HAJDUK

Leaves and their natural colours really can stand out and enhance images if photographed in the right surroundings and well composed.

'Waiting for Winter' by Martin Rak


'Last Leaves' by Martin Rak


'Autumn Still Life' by Juan Luis Duran

And last but not least, there are so many beautiful places around the world.  When  photographed in fall, the beige grasses or coloured foliage express a specific feel and a delightful mood to the images.

'AUTUMN' by Ignacio Palacios


'Stillness' by Bragi Ingibergsson- BRIN


'Attention Grabber' by Max Rive


'First Light' by Richard Beresford Harris

I wish you to enjoy this mixed bag of beautiful autumnal images.
Here are a few more …

'I'm king' by Caras lonut


'First Autumn' by Yoshinori Matsui


'A lightning instant of give-an-take' by Yvette Depaepe


'Rise' by Marc Adamus


'luce dorata' by Gilbert Claes


'colour palette' by swapnil.


n/t bt Victor Liu


'… the long winding road' by Raymond Hoffmann


'House from the Fairyland' by Peter Svoboda, MQEP


'Fading away' by Peter Svoboda


'illusion' by Dragisa Petrovic


'Autumn light' by Jan Paul Kraaij


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