Don't be afraid to shoot in the rain!


by Yvette Depaepe

Rain, it beats on our rooftops, it makes us turn on our windshield wipers, it creates puddles on the sidewalk. Rain can be dramatic or it can be subtle and it provides unique photographic opportunities that most people don't think about until they see it in an image.

When most people pack up and hide, we should go out.
Photography and rain change the mood completely.  The most mundane things turn into drama, mystery, and poetry. The more drama that the environment provides, the more artistic and memorable the pictures.

Too many people are afraid of getting their gear wet… but good photographers head out to make pictures. 

Camera-and-lens rain covers are handy when shooting in the field in wet weather. If you don't have them, you can use whatever is available: a plastic bag or a jacket.

DSLRs are fairly watertight.  While obviously it is not recommended to hold your camera under a waterfall, a little mist probably won’t hurt.  After the shot, take care to dry off your  equipment. Try to have a little hand towel,don’t let water stay too long on the gear. It’s a matter of protecting the lenses and not getting moisture within the elements.

Don't let you ever stop anymore by the rain.  Grab your camera and go...
Get inspired by this wonderful gallery of 1x photographs (all images included in the video)


“Drops” by Gilbert Claes


“Rain of Sadness” by Antonyus Bunjamin (Abe)


“Paris rain” by Andrew Badenhorst



“It's raining cats and dogs” by Yvette Depaepe


“After the rain” by Roswitha Schleiher-Schwarz


“I will always love you” by Diego Bardone


“Rush hour II” by Caras Ionut


“Untitled” by saman khoshamuz


“The rain in the dream city” by Sol Marrades


“Untitled” by Antonio Grambone


“The long goodbye 5” by Adrian Donoghue


“Sudden Rain” by Darko Eterovic


“white majority” by Frederick Lim Cung Wei


“7” by Alper Uke


“Rainy days” by Mirela Momanu


“Spring Day” by Marco Polticchia


“Under the rain” by Massimo Della Latta


“Follow” by Sonja Tietze


“It's raining cats and dogs” by Christian Müller


“it starts to rain” by Teruhiko Tsuchida


“Safe through the rain” by Marc Apers


“Dissection” by Hayk Shalunts


“After the rain” by Slim Letaief


“...monsoon...” by Claudia Leverentz


“Wind” by Adrian Sommeling


“Brittany day” by Jose C. Lobato


“dream” by Hari Sulistiawan

“Rain” by Ümmü Nisan Kandilcioglu


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