Creativity with frames: what is your favourite?

by Thomas Thomopoulos 

We like to frame things.
We frame it to enhance it, to highlight it, to detach it from what surrounds it.

'separation' by Lukasz Pietrzak

A 'photo' is already framed.
One can't imagine a picture without a frame, whether it's square, rectangular, round or any other shape, the picture has a limited frame.

'Drella style' by mario grobenski - pschyodaddy

The frame of an image evokes a kind of intimacy which reflects what is precious to us.

'Absence' by Vito Guarino

So precious, that if you cut out the frame, whatever the subject inside is, it doesn't leave you indifferent.

'Photographer's breakfast' by Victoria Ivanova

Or if you tear it up, it evokes an intimate tear, a memory.

'Time gap' by Victoria Ivanova

In this finite universe, we like to recall what is inside and what is outside. The frame is a boundary between the inside and the outside, between what is within the frame and what is outside. We have fun with this border, by transgressing it, by mixing what is inside and what is outside. It is as if we need to be reassured, to tell ourselves, that we can bring together two worlds, the one outside and the one inside.

'Framed' by Bill Gekas


'Pilferer...' by Iryna Kuznetsova (Iridi)


'September is here' by Victoria Ivanova


'Autumn' by Codruta Georgescu


'****' by Yaroslav Vasiliev-Apostol

We also like to imagine frames everywhere, frames with an unreal size or unlikely shape.

'Through the frame' by Ben Goossens


'Framed' by David Naman


'Deeper' by Baden Bowen

One of the most revealing points is that when we try to take pictures of our world, we like to find natural settings or frames everywhere... It's as if we need to mark a specific point on the image where we want you to look and not elsewhere.

'The nomad' by pink sword


'Paradise' by Matt Anderson


'Framed' by Marsel van Oosten

But the most evocative frame in photography is undoubtedly the window.

'room with a view' by ambra

This framework can evokes tenderness.

'Love' by Mihnea Turcu

The following two images evoke the love for our children.

'Window of happiness' by Monique


'By the window...' by Francesco Fratto

A window also can refer to the human condition.

'Gazes' by Barbara Orienti


'Living on the edge' by Marc Apers


'Bored Waiting' by Mustafa Tiryakioglu

A window also can refer to the vastness of our world...

'Bonding with god' by Carmit Rozenzvig

The window is part of architecture, the fruit of human intelligence. Windows are the best way to reveal our world through the framework.
This framework can be incredibly complex.

'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' by Harry Lieber


'Bullseye' by Katarina Månsson


'Ausblick' by Dorothea Garbisch


'Daydreamer' by Brice Challamel

But sometimes it also can be confusingly simple.

'frame' by sirinaturk

In all these cases, there is a duality between what is within the frame and what is not.
Showing our world sometimes comes down to its simplest expression which is freedom.
To end this article, I like to show you my favourite frame.

'Mea Culpa' by Samanta

And what about you, what's your favourite?
Thomas Thomopoulos

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