Caroline's Column: 'A Beauty in a Box' - Lupins

"Springtime rush" by Patrick Marson Ong

Living where I live, the winter is long without any flowers surviving outside, so that makes the flowers extra welcome at spring. 

A flower is beautiful, no question about that, just the perfect shape, colour, smell, nothing but beauty, can't get enough of them.
My garden Lupins also are beautiful and strong, surviving in my garden where most other delicate flowers vanish from year to year.
My garden Lupins are popping up every spring, and more and more of them... They spread all over,  these fantastic flowers - and I was thinking the more beauty for me, the better.

Many years passed by and I reached a point in time when all I could see around my house, were these garden flowers everywhere. I started to feel a little uncomfortable with all this invading beauty spread all over my place.
The Lupins were expelling all other life and took over everything in my garden, they didn't leave room for anything else to grow there.  No grass to be seen in my garden any more, no diversity of flowers any more, nothing but Lupins there.
So it all ended with me declaring war against the Lupins and spending the whole summer removing the giant Lupin roots from all over my garden. It was very hard work because I have a big garden. I had welcomed and allowed them to spread all over because they were so beautiful.

Here I stand at my eureka moment when it comes to the beauty of the Lupins and I learned my lesson: flowers are not always beautiful, just sometimes.

“Blue meadows” by Peter Svoboda



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