Bruges meet-up

In the last weekend of March there was a 1x meet-up in beautiful Bruges, Belgium, where almost 40 photogrpahers with an entire 14 different natinalities joined for photo walks, dinner and spending time together. Being part of an internet community you might have known people for years, but never met in real life. It was a great experience to meet in everyone in person, share stories, get to know each other deeper and make new friends. Big thanks to Yvette Deapepe and Piet Flour for organizing this very successful event and thanks to everyone who was there and made it an unforgettable weekend!

Here are a few video clips with photos of the charming town Bruges and from the event:

Bruges by Piet Flour part 1.

Bruges by Piet Flour part 2.

Bruges by Tatiana Gorilovsky.

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