Art Trail 2018 in Leuven-Boutersem/Belgium: Three 1x participants!

by Editor  Yvette Depaepe 

The Art Trail Leuven-Boutersem/ Belgium is a yearly event giving a chance to local artists to show their work in exhibitions on different locations in the city and surroundings.

This year,  Hilde Ghesquiere, Luc Vangindertael and  Eddy Verloes were among the participants.

1x member 
Marc Apers and myself were taking this opportunity to visit them along our trip to the Art Trail.  Congratulations, guys!

If you are in the neighbourhood, you still can visit these exhibitions on Sunday, the 6th of May.

Hilde Ghesquiere: Tiense Vest 166, 3000 Leuven
Luc Vangindertael: Vanden Tympelestraat 35, 3000 Leuven

Unfortunately the exhibition of  Eddy Verloes  ended last Sunday.

Enjoy this short report and a few of their exposed photographs.


Hilde Ghesquiere

Portrait Hilde Ghesquiere taken on location by  Marc Apers

Photographing is a way of release as well as a means to communicate to Hilde.
When she was a child, her father infected her with the desire to take photos. He taught here many tricks but more than that, he instilled in her a passion for photography.
Now that she has more spare time, she took up her old passion: looking for the things that fascinate me.

Currently she is involved in a project about “Fuchs' dystrophy”, a disease which slowly progressing, affects both eyes.

Her work shown on her exhibition is very intense.  Through her photos she tries to simulate how people affected by this disease experience the world around them.
Some visitors being familial with this illness were even moved to tears while looking at her images.



Luc Vangindertael

Portrait Luc Vangindertael taken on location by Marc Apers

Luc is a passionate self taught amateur photographer.  He started analogue in 1967 and nearly abandoned photography by the end of the nineties.

In 2014 he rediscovered photography as a way to express his views and feelings on the surrounding reality. Digital photography opened a new world to him, one in which he can master an idea from start to finish.

His work can be best described as a triple A mix
- Architecture
- Abstract
- Art

His work shown on his exhibition is a wonderful triple A mix which exudes beauty.
Beside 27 prints on the walls, one can also sit down and admire an extended presentation of his photos projected on a large screen.



“Art and daily hassle by Luc Vangindertael


Eddy Verloes

Portrait Eddy Verloes taken on location by Marc Apers

Eddy had the opportunity to show his work on a lovely and impressive location: the small church of Butsel/Boutersem (his home place) rarely used for religious purposes currently.
He is very popular in his village for his extravert personality but essentially for his photographs.  

Eddy published already two books: “No time to Verloes” and “Cuba libre”.  Both books were launched by Sven Gatz simultaneously with a showcase of his work in a gallery in Knokke.

The large prints shown on his Art Trail exhibition are a wonderful mix of monochrome images taken on the Belgian coast by stormy weather and images taken in the surroundings of his home place + two enlargements of his Cuba shots.

“Rider on the storm” by Eddy Verloes


“My mysterious town” by Eddy Verloes


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