Amazing incandescent light bulb shots on 1x

by Susanne Stoop 

We can't imagine the world without electric light. It is to be seen in many forms, but it all started with that little pear like incandescent light bulb. It is an amazing invention. No more candle lights, oil lamps and gas light to illuminate homes, offices, factories and so on. It must have been such an exciting and perhaps scary moment when people turned the light switch on for the first time!

The light bulb is however more than a very useful utensil. It is a source for creative photographers. See for yourself in this compilation of the best 1x light bulb photographers.


“Flower Bulb” by Bess Hamiti


“Lamp” by Kursat Karabulut

“Galeria” by Martin Cekada

“dim” by Ute Scherhag


“Impact” by Daniel Nimmervoll

“No more light” by Jan Eric Krikke


“Less consume...better future” by Ruben Perez


“The 4 elements” by Stefan Eisele

“Light(ning) bulb” by Lex Augusteijn


“four elements” by octyee

“New bulb has flourished” by Adrian Limani

 “Untitled” by Floriana Barbu


“Family portrait” by Kruno Debenc

“EXIT” by Patricia Sweeny

“Bulb” by Gustav Alerby

“The key idea” by Anna-Riitta Ovaska



“blown” by Marcus Hennen

“the tree” by Igor Genovesi

“loss” by javad rooein


“Burn brighter” by Timothy Tichy

“Conceptual creation” by Giorgio Toniolo

“Night walk” by Franziskus Pfleghart



“Global Warming” by Anugrah Askari

“Alternative energy” by Marco Bizziocchi

“To be or not to be” by Damiano Serra

“Glimmer of Hope” by Dave Nitsche

“REFLECT” by Dody Suryono

“Perception” by Gerwyn Williams


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