1x Member Awards

Dear 1x members,

As most of you know, we recently switched to a new award system (you can read more about it here). One of the new features of the new system is that the old levels have been replaced by stars in various colors. By gathering Award points, you will unlock stars on your score page.

Another piece of news was that we increased the number of points for photo comments to no less than 5 points per comment, so make sure to comment photos.

Besides the ordinary stars, there are also three special stars; bronze, silver and gold. 

These stars are awarded by the crew two times each year, during midsummer and midwinter (the two longest and shortest nights in Sweden) to members who have excelled both in their photographic work, but also in their contributions to the 1x community. This is our way to give you a special thank you!

It's now time for the first edition of the 1x Member Awards and the first special stars will be awarded. And the winners are...

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