1x Euro trip

Europe, with all its cultural diversity and delights, offers more photo opportunities than most of us are ever able to take advantages of. To remedy this, Walde Jansky has put together a collection of his favourite 1x photos from various European cities. You will find the list here.

"The Arc de Triomphe" by Jose C. Lobato.

"La paraisienne" by eric drigny.

"Conciergerie @ Paris" by A.G. photographe.

"St. Pauls" by Peter Davidson. 


"Stockholm" by Jonas.

"Amsterdam" by Juan Pablo de Miguel.

"Antwerpen Centraal" by Sus Bogaerts.

"An evening in Brugges" by Piet Flour.

"Frankfurt" by Sus Bogaerts.

"...budapest I..." by roblfc1892 roberto pavic.

"Prague is awakening" by Marcel Rebro.

"Back from the bridge" by Mr Friks.

"Salzburg in Fall Colors" by Stefan Mitterwallner.

"Madrid City Lights" by Javier de la Torre.

"Explosion of Light in Toledo" by dariosastre.

"E-motion in Venice" by simona forte.

"Venice window" by Roberto Marini.

"istiklal street" by ulasaksakal.

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